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What, exactly, is an ARC Request?

ARC Requests are forms residents must fill out and submit to the Board for approval for any and all major improvements to a resident's house and/or property (including landscaping).

Which projects require an official ARC Request? (Which ones don't?)

All home projects that require outside contractors and/or major changes to your home and landscaping will require a formal request from the ARC. CLICK HERE for our current list of projects.

When does the ARC meet?

We meet at the Delasol clubhouse on the last Wednesday of every month at 4.30pm.

Can residents attend ARC meetings?

Yes! We love it when you do! Please feel free to stop by the clubhouse to ask questions, especially if you're concerned about your pending home project &/or need to know if your project is approved.

What does the ARC discuss at their meetings?

We go over the approvals of residents' ARC requests to make sure they're in line with Delasol standards, safety regulations, and HOA management requirements. We also go over any new business (like how we can better serve the community) and old business (like making sure past requests with any issues, whatsoever, have been attended to).

How long does it take to get approval for my project?

We are 100% invested in Delasol, in its residents, and in the property value for each and every residence in our community. So, our job is to approve your project in the most efficient and expedient manner possible. When you send an ARC Request to the management company with all of the required paperwork, we will discuss its approval at the upcoming meeting. So, one month, tops.

Can I get approval expedited?

Let the management company know about your extenuating circumstances, and we're happy to help you speed up the process for your home improvement if and when it's got to be done ASAP.