As a Delasol resident, there are so many great ways – big and small – you can make improvements to your property! Here's the information you'll need to begin:

No improvements, including, by way of example and not of limitation, accessory structures, exterior lighting fixtures, brick pavers, stamped concrete, concrete flatwork, basketball goals, buildings, fences (including invisible fencing), walls, pools, roofs, gutters or rain spouts, antennae, aerials, microwaves, reception devices, mailboxes, external enclosures (including entry screen and patio screen enclosures), or landscaping (including hedges and massed plantings) shall be commenced, erected, installed, altered, modified, painted, planted, or maintained on the Committed Property, including the Lots, nor shall any canopy, shutters, or window coverings be attached to or placed upon outside walls or roofs of any Home or building by any Owner other than Declarant | Collier County Registered Docs [NOTE: Make sure to always keep apprised of the current Delasol Rules & Regulations, to supersede the aforementioned.]

See below for the process and for a list of projects that do (& don't!) need advance ARC approval. We've also included ARC MEETING MINUTES from 2018 to the present so you can take a look at prior projects and the approval process involved. Always remember, we're here to help! Any questions, whatsoever, on your home project, don't hesitate to contact the ARC.


Congratulations! Your dreams of making home improvements are about to become true!

Here are some guidelines and reminders to make the Delasol ARC Home Project application & approval process as smooth as possible:


  • Do your research: Before you start planning your renovations, take a look at Delasol's Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs). This will help you understand what guidelines and restrictions exist before you bring your written request to the ARC.

  • Meet with an architect or designer: Sit down and go over the community’s CCRs with them before submitting your proposal. Highlight the sections that relate to your plans to make sure your design falls within the guidelines from the beginning.

  • Submit a Request for Architectural Modifications to Anchor Associates, Inc.: Email Anchor with the completed request and they will make sure everything is in order before they send it along to us, your friendly neighborhood ARC, for our approval.

  • Please note: While the stated guidelines may appear to be open to interpretation, in order to preserve the overall desired look of the community, the guidelines must be followed explicitly. Even if you think your plan doesn’t seem like it entails a big change, your neighbors and potential buyers may not have the same opinion. Variances are only allowed under extreme conditions. The governing documents may provide for variances in extraordinary circumstances or cases of severe hardship. Homeowners have a right to appeal an ARC decision and may do so by contacting the Board within 30-45 days after the Board issues its decision based on the recommendation of ARC. 

  • Speak with your neighbors: Each situation is unique, but it may be a good idea to talk to someone who's gone through this process before. They might have insight into what did and didn't work with the HOA’s ARC.

  • Be patient: The ARC meets monthly to discuss and review applications for architectural modifications and, like you, we live in Delasol and want to make sure it develops as beautifully as possible. We are volunteering our time to ensure our community maintains its beauty and evolves with the times. If your request gets denied, take it in stride. Try to work with the committee to amend your proposal for acceptance.


  • Berms & changing landscape footprints

  • Concrete work | exterior

  • Construction | exterior

  • Downspout projects

  • Drainage projects

  • Driveway resizing and restructuring

  • Garage upgrade or painting | exterior

  • Generators / propane tanks

  • Hedges (Colusia or other)

  • Hurricane shutters

  • Installation of pavers

  • Painting | exterior

  • Patio / lanai awnings

  • Pool fencing

  • Pool modification (excluding resurfacing)

  • Pools with screen cage | installation


  • Screen cage enclosure (includes front door)

  • Solar panels

  • Trellises or arbors

  • Waterfalls or fountains


  • Basketball hoops (& similar sport equipment, like soccer goals, etc.; portable only; to be brought inside or to backyard at night)

  • Coach lights

  • Holiday decorations

  • Interior construction

  • Landscape lighting


  • Landscaping projects (that don't change footprint or involve hedges or berms)

  • Pool heaters

  • Pool resurfacing

  • Tile lanai

  • Trampolines (backyard only)

*Notify Anchor Associates, Inc. whenever your project requires a dumpster &/or non-Delasol residents working.